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Start new topic button broken?


Some of you may have noticed that you are unable to access the create topic button. Due to the large amount of spam content we have been having to moderate we've implemented a series of preconditions that are needed to be fulfilled before you are able to create topics/servers.


Requirements before being able to create posts:

  1. Account must be older then 2 days old.
  2. You must have 3 or more approved comments on already existing posts.


Once these preconditions are fulfilled you will notice on your profile page that your rank has changed from Trial Member to Member.


Quick Tips:

  • Fastest way of getting your post count to the required count is by commenting on existing thread like server threads you have played on before giving feedback really helps the community.
  • Additionally you can check the Help pages and see if you can answer any of the users questions.



  • Asking admins or mods to bypass the preconditions will be rejected and may result as being treated as spam and getting your account banned.
  • Messaging admins and mods to approve your content will not result in getting it approved and faster and instead has the possibility of getting ignored/deleted.

Everyone must do their part. If you don't want to take the time to engage the community and always looking for shortcuts then your server/community will most likely end in failure anyways.

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