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    Posting Rules


    Staff or website is not responsible for any content posted by its end users. But we will try our best to keep this site as clean as possible.

    When posting server threads or content in server threads we have specific guidelines you need to adhere by please make sure you read these before creating any content on CGS.

    • Do not advertise your Server anywhere else other than your own server thread. This also includes our IM Chat system. Also DO NOT Server jump posting your server inside there chat. This is completely wrong and will lead to an immediate termination of your CGS Thread and/or Account.
    • Make sure your server is online and working. Inactive servers will be moved to the archive.
    • Please make sure you use the proper tags when setting up your thread. Please make the primary label the type of server it is for example "Modded", "Semi-Vanilla", "Vanilla", "PVP", or "PVE" feel free to include any other tags if necessary.
    • Bump server threads ONLY with important information. (News, updates, etc). Excessive bumping or using Global threads for servers will result in deletion of the thread. Especially for staff, there are no exceptions.
    • To post a server thread you must be the server Owner/Staff member or have written permission from the Owner. We do our best to respect the wishes of the server owner and will personally attempt to get in contact to verify permission is given.
    • Be ethical, We are a community and try to avoid violence as much as possible. If you have beef with someone take it to private message. Toxic threads that become intolerable may be terminated at the reviewing staff members own accord.
    • We DO NOT allow Servers that require Hamachi/Tunneling software to connect. These connections often prove unreliable / have networking caps and limits.
    • Only one thread per server is allowed. Do not post your server multiple time. If you have a second server you may post a second thread. -- This rule may change in the near future.
    • These rules can change at any time so make sure you keep up to date. We will try to keep you informed on any new rule changes.
    • No direct links to WareZ or unrelated external sites. This includes torrents, mediafire, ANY external file sharing source and ANY site which runs PDF, Flash or Java. You knowingly endanger this website and its members when performing such actions. It is against the rules to do so.
    • Please make sure you provide a valid connect address for your server. We will actively ping your game servers to detect if they are online or not. If we fail to get any response to our pings your server will be moved to archive.
    • Do not post your ServerIP/Thread URL/Domain name in chat. If caught your thread may be removed at the discretion of the staff member.
    • Thread titles must be free from any links and connect addresses. Titles will only be used for Server Name and Tags.
    • Condoning Hacking/Cheating is strictly against our rules. Server thread and/or CGS account may be revoked at the discretion of the staff member.
    • No flooding/spam/spammy content. (Surveys, Scams, krap, etc). Multiple violations may result in removal of your account.
    • No Spamming our Chat System or your chat permissions will be revoked.
    • Ban appeals/Staff applications should be handled by the server owners own website not ours.
    • No pornagraphic content, It's not funny. Termination of your CGS account will happen if caught breaking this rule.
    • Do not ask us for your warning points to be removed. It will not happen. You did something wrong So deal with it.
    • Server thread titles MUST be more comprehensive than something like "GOOD SERVER 24/7 ANTIHACK ". A good title example is as follows: "ServerName - 24/7|PVP|Kits|2X Gather"
    • Servers with threads that are 3 or more game updates behind will automatically be moved to "Offline & Dead Servers". ( Actively developing games only )
    • All threads MUST be in English. We are sorry but it is easier on our staff to manage. You may put the translated version below the english version if desired. Use Google translator if you need help.
    • All server threads MUST contain the Game update version (Current Dev Blog) Ex "[DB 127] Server Name - AntiCheat|Oxide|Homes"
    • Please DO NOT copy and paste other server owners threads and modify them to fit your own. This is really degrading and may lead to termination of your thread.

    Edited by KahunaElGrande

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