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  3. Location: USA RustyHook RustyHook #1 Modded, x1RPG, Max 3 Custom map: connect Discord Invite (click) Server shop (click) PROMOCODE: hook HOME: /sethome - Saves your current position as the location name. /home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. /home remove - Removes the location of your saved homes. /home - Teleports you to the home location. TELEPORTATION: /tpr - Sends a teleport request to the player. /tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request. /tpc - Cancel teleport or request. FRIENDS: New friends plugin work with in-game system teammates (TAB) /ff on - Friendly fire enabled /ff off - Friendly fire disabled PRIVATE MESSAGES: /pm - Sends a private message to the specified player. /r - Replies to the last message received. SKINS: /skin - Change skin for items. Recycler: /rec - Craft recycler. Quarry and Oil Pump: /craft - craft quarry and oil pump . UpGrade: /up - upgrade building. AutoCloserDoor: /ad - auto closer doors . BackPack: /b - "bind b" in console. Private Plugins : -Gold Fish - Random Loots -Magic Tree - Mining a tree, there is a chance to get a magic seed (Random Loot) -Magic Tools - instantly melts the ore
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  5. Bro i did everything now its saying EAC:Authentication timed out 1/2 plz helpp
  6. Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues via Help Desk / Discord.
  7. aCw Gaming Rust buster server has been wiped fully fresh start for Everyone SERVER CHANGE LOG Gather rate: Server now have vanilla gather rate as after seeing the wipe cycle that is 2 weeks and players complaining regarding Lag. Build radius: Small rad town Build radius is increased from 200 to 250 radius . this is to decrease the amount of build around hot PVP zone as of for players with low Performance PC it give them lag. Security updates: Few minor changes in AntiVPN and server check for players for Bug and Glitches. MAKE SURE YOU REPORT A PLAYER WHOM YOU SEE BUGGING OR ABUSING A GLITCH .AN ACTION WILL BE TAKEN STRONGLY. ==Overall, we are trying to achieve the real legacy feel back with letting players use everything possible in the game and keep the game as close to real with less modding and trying not to make it experimental. I strongly believe in face punch is doing a great job building experimental Rust and i do not want to do experiments with legacy. == Next Wipe: 3rd April Join our social communities here: Discord Teamspeak: Website/Forum (Under maintenance)
  8. Maybe you need to open some ports. UDP 28015 and TCP 28016 if i remember correct.
  9. Wiped player stats. If there are any issues message me on website support page.
  10. Hello guys As first I want to say, that we have got 99% anticheat, so there is no problem with cheaters.. Lets get back to old rust legacy, when you needed to play it at least two days to have something in your inventory... Server is online 24/7 YOU CAN DOWNLOAD OUR CLIENT HERE! (IT's ON YOUR CHOICE or IF YOUR CLIENT DOESN'T WORK PROPERLY) DISCORD: IP Normal #1: net.connect Also, you can buy VIP or VIP+, if you want to support our server, by contacting our A-Team on server HERE ARE SOME COMMANDS, THAT YOU CAN USE AS DEFAULT: /help - Displays help for commands. Usage: /help <command> /about - Displays information about server. /suicide - Commit suicide. /who - Show the owner of the object on a which the player looks. /kits - Show list of availabled kits. /kit <name> - Gives the specified kit by player rank, use "/kits" for get list of availabled kits. /online - Show a current number players in game /players - Lists all connected players. /clan - Show clan information. /clan create <clan name> - Creating new clan named "clan name", player who creates is a leader. /clan disband - Disband clan, removing clan and dismiss all members from a clan. Only for clan leader. /clan invite <player> - Invite a specific player to a clan. Only for members with "invite" rights. /clan dismiss <player> - Dismiss a specific player from a clan. Only for members with "dismiss" rights. /clan leave - Leave from a clan. /clan members - Show list of all members of a clan. /clan online - Show list of current online members of a clan. /clan transfer <player> - Transfer clan to other player. Only for members with "management" rights. /clan abbr <abbreviation name> - Sets a abbreviation for clan. Abbreviation displayed over heads. /clan motd <message text> - Sets a message of the day for clan. Only for members with "management" rights. /clan [up|rise|grow|level] - Increase a clan level. /clan deposit <value> - Deposit money in clan balance. /clan withdraw <value> - Withdraw money from clan balance, Can only members with "management" rights. /clan tax <value> - A set a tax from cost of murders for a clan members. Can only members with "management" rights. /clan house - A set house of a clan. Can only members with "management" rights. /clan warp - Warping into a clan house when leader is a set. /clan [war] <clan name> - A set clan war with other clan. Can only members with "management" rights. /clan details [on|off] - Enable\Disable details for members about experience gained after kill or gather. Only for members with "management" rights. /clan priv <player> - Show privileges of a clan member. /clan priv <player> invite - Sets a invite privilege for specific clan member. Clan member can invite new players into a clan. /clan priv <player> dismiss - Sets a dismiss privilege for specific clan member. Clan member can dismiss player from a clan. /clan priv <player> management - Sets a management privilege for specific clan member. Clan member can manage clan (full access). /clan ffire [on|off] - Enable\Disable "Friendly Fire" for clan members (by default : off). Only for members with "management" rights. /clans - Displays all names of clans on server. /pm <player> <message> - Sends a private message. /r <message> - Sends reply on received a private message. /time - Show a current game time. /pos - Show the your position (X,Y,Z coordinates). /location - Show the your location in game (zone name). /home [<number>] - Returns a player in to camp. /tp <player> - Request teleport to other player. /history [<num>] - Displays last lines from chat. /share <player> - Shares ownership with other players. /unshare <player> - Unshares ownership with other player. /unshare - Unshares ownership with all players. /destroy - Enable or disable instant destroying of a player his ownership. /transfer <player> - Transfer object to another player, You must look at object for transfer. /ping - Display last ping to server. /password - Displays your password. /password <new_password> - Set or change a password on new. /set fps - Adjusting graphics settings on performance. /set quality - Adjusting graphics settings on quality. /set [nude|nudity|censor] - Disable censorship of nudity. /balance - Displays current your balance. /money - Display current your balance. /send - Send amount of currency for specified a player. Usage: /send <player> <amount> /shop - Display shop list of available items and groups. /shop [<name>|<index>] - Display shop list of specified group by name or index. /buy <name|index> [<amount>] - Buys specified item by name, part of name or index. /sell <name|index> [<amount>] - Sells specified item by name, part of name or index. /sell all - Sells a all available items for sale from inventory.
  11. @Andre Xyo Please tell me why I successfully cracked the server, but it can't be displayed on the cracked client. You need to enter client.connect
  12. @DozerPlay 1º i dont need prove nothing. 2º Second so many bugs and backdoors? welcome to cracked servers on steam 😃 , but you cant do it on my server haha , try switch you steamID to my ID or other player ID and check what happend.... (ofc now cant do it on my sv because cracked servers are dead and i dont host more cracked servers >.< but anyways u cant do on my server... i have private plugins only to my server to prevent this shit on cracked sv... and other exploits.) 3º ofc maybe you know so many bugs and exploits... rusian trash cant play legit , but i know it and i will do the same , dont try fuck with me or i will rekt all of you. RUSSIANS...... go use hacks and admin abuse on your sv , next time dont go to other servers to talk shit and try steal some players like rat. sry like a russian.
  13. Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues via Help Desk / Discord.
  14. Future plans for aCw Gaming Rustbuster server Hello everyone, thank you for all interest in server and tons of love you Rusties all shown to us and seeing that where Server hitting every day 40+ players i have decided to upgrade the server Slots from 50 Players to 100 players. This will be implemented from next wipe i.e 20th March also the server will be tweaked a bit more on security side. Make sure you join our new Discord it has been revamped and a new look. Next Wipe: 20th March Join our social communities here: Discord Teamspeak: Website/Forum (Under maintenance)
  15. you just intentionally want to ruin the reputation of our server. you don’t have any confirmation of your words, but I know so manybugs and backdoors in your @ucs where I can easily get admin access. make sure that you are clean before saying anything bad about others next time. ur welcome.
  16. bad server , admin abuse , welcome.
  17. Oxide was supported long time ago by oxide mod which has been also discontinued anx they have changed their name and dropped all support for oxide/legacy rust. Hence it is not available officially online. Still searching a bit on google you might find someone's git or archive with old plugins and can use them but i don't gurentee
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