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    Thank you everyone for being a big part of our community. I have been working on our new CGSGameLauncher ( Wow what a unique name ) Most of my time and effort will be put into this from now on and bringing more and more features to it.

    [Current Features]
    Active CGS Serverlist View server player count and max count View server's version and network protocol Directly connect to a server without looking it up or manually typing it. View servers description and a button to visit the servers website. Visit the CGS Website button. A Link to the CGS Facebook page and a Support the developer button to donate to me for all my hard work (We all remember the times we had to type in connect ServerIP). Specialized ComputerID to help Identify players per PC. Game name inside the Server list. Shows ping to supported servers.
    It is currently optional for the server owners under the Launcher to require the launcher. If you actually own the game you will not be required to use the launcher to join but is optional if you want to use it.
    If you don't own the game and you currently download from a third-party like the server owners website and they require the launcher on their servers. You won't be able to join the server unless you run the launcher first.

    Once downloaded run the installer If you have a User Account Control window pop up Just press OK/Yes/Continue Select your language or a readable language and press ok. (Note. The launcher itself currently doesn't support other languages. But will in the near future) Choose whether or not to have a Desktop shortcut created and press Next > Press Install. Either Launch it or don't. You're done. You have successfully installed the launcher. Now you can launch it from your start menu or the desktop icon if you created one. (It is not recommended to use the launcher to open the launcher every time)
    [Installation Cont.]
    (Important PLEASE READ) IF you have an antivirus enable. Including Windows Defender(Pre-Installed) this application may be detected as a unknown possible threat. You will need to google How to whitelist directories for your installed antivirus. Example Search: "how to whitelist a folder windows defender"
    The folder you need to whitelist is located at C:\Program Files (x86)\CGSGameLauncher\ If the Installer gets removed while downloading it. you may need to whitelist the Installer also.

    [Initial Setup]
    This may be kinda tricky for some people. You only need one instance of the Launcher and not one per game. You need to tell the Launcher were to look for the selected game. Here is a step by step picture guide.

    Is the game/server list. (Please select a server with nothing to choose from if the list failed to retrieve) Is the GamePath. Clicking on this box will open a file selector where you can select your selected games executable (if Box 1 still shows "Please select a server" you will not be able to use this.) If steps one and 2 are completed successfully you can then click Connect to server and it will open the game and automatically connect you to the desired server. Is the banner for the current selected game. (Will show Seven Days 2 Die by default) Fullscreen toggle will launch the game in fullscreen (If Supported by the game) If you launch in windowed mode you can resize the game window as needed. Additionally holding `alt` while pressing connect to server and waiting for the game to load will open unity's resolution selector. The player count will show the current player count on the server. (This is not always up to date and is only updated periodically) It is only meant to give you a rough estimate. This will show the servers Current version and network protocol. We plan on having support for reading your game clients version and protocol but that will be implemented at a later date. Visit website button will allow you to open the community website for the server you are viewing. (If the server owner has one set). The description set on the server. This will show a short summary of the select server. (If the server owner has one set.) The Launcher will remember your last choices so you won't have to keep setting it up every time you open it.
    Once you are done with the setup you can delete the CGSGameLauncher_Installer.exe

    Q: The server list isn't being displayed
    A: Please make sure you run as admin and it isn't being blocked by your antivirus/firewall. If none fixed it, Your ISP may be blocking our website.
    Q: I Get an error saying Steamworks is not initialized.
    A: The launcher requires steam as do our servers. Make sure your steam is open and logged in. (If you still have issues restart your computer).
    Q: I get a message "Failed to validate identity"
    A: This is normally caused by steam being fully open or your firewall/antivirus blocked the launchers request to authenticate.
    Q: The CGSGameLauncher.exe or the Installer keeps disappearing from the install directory.
    A: This is most likely due to your antivirus thinking it's a virus and deleting it, You can fix this by adding an Exclusion to the install folder so it ignores that whole folder even after updates.
    Q: When I try to join the server I get kicked with the message "CGSLauncher is required for playing"
    A: If you don't have the launcher running you will be kicked if you auth ticket has expired. This could also be an issue with your antivirus/firewall not allowing the Launcher to update.
    Q: I try to open the launcher but nothing happens. (Launcher Doesn't open) A: Make sure you have the latest .Net Redistributable installed. You can find that here


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