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  1. Yesterday
  2. i was getting error as well but it actually works with error
  3. I am making like in photos when in dnspy saving assembly csharp i am get error like nongpluk pluknong.
  4. Last week
  5. Great server love the skins can’t wait till more are added and never seen a server with cars!! Everyone should join this server 10/10.
  6. Have added skins for everyone to use! I'm in the middle of adding more so more to come! will update this when more have been added. Skin Update Have added all the skins I can to the server. Some items have more than the plugin can show so will be more skins once the plugin developer has finished rewriting the plugin to fit more skin slots. Have Fun and enjoy.
  7. Cracked server update! Plugin added: -Remove -Playerlist -Sort -Shop Server :
  8. Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues via Help Desk / Discord.
  9. Early wipe is here, Server fully wiped and fresh for a new start, All ban lists wiped too.
  10. Nice server has good plugins admins are good no cheater all-round a good server would recommend.
  11. Earlier
  12. Thank you so much and welcome. Have fun!
  13. is server closed , i cant not find server @@ . i really like that server
  14. @RustEurope can use if you are VIP and can buy the command "skin" with Reward Points , u can get RP if vote for the server.
  15. All around an amazing server with outstanding admin support, i definitely recommend this server as i have been playing on it for quite some time! No hackers, almost 0 lag, and a very fun server!!!
  16. i love it no hacker no bug no lag Love it please guy join the server is so funny😍
  17. Welcome to 30DaysToSurvive Warning: All new players with 1 or more vac banned will be checked at the server entrance for security reasons WIPED 13.07.2019 To enter the server, just open the game console (F1 or F4) and enter IP: Cracked Client IP: Original Client IP: or Cracked Client IP: Original Client IP: SHOP SERVER CRACKED: SHOP SERVER ORIGINAL: RULES: -Don't use hack (Permanent ban) -Don't use macros or scripts (Permanent ban) -Don't be racist towards another players (Permanent ban) -Don't use toxic language in chat (Chat ban) -Don't accuse players of using hacks without proof -Don't spam in chat (Chat ban) 📢Do you suspect someone uses hacks? enters into discord and publishes the combatlog in the specific reports section. -DISCORD LINK--> We have EU | NA moderators to check the 24/27 server. We are waiting for you! Good luck and have fun! Plugin IN-GAME: -Remove -Sort -Player List -InstantCraft
  18. the server closes 09.07.2019 due to financial problems. If you donate it will not be closed.
  19. Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues via Help Desk / Discord.
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