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    Tools Required: DotNet Core 2.0 - Runtime DepotDownloader by SteamRE Instructions: Download and install the DotNet Core 2.0 Runtime Download the latest release of DepotDownload and extract it to a folder on your desktop Open up one of the following: Windows: Command Prompt or PowerShell | Linux/Mac: Terminal (Make sure to run as administrator) Next you're gonna want to navigate your terminal to the directory where you extracted the Depot Downloader. cd C:\Path\to\depot_downloader\ You are now ready to download the game files SERVER: dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 258550 -depot 258551 -manifest 4262994212477530803 -dir C:\PATH\TO\OUTPUT\ CLIENT: Note: This requires you to own the Rust on steam, also it will prompt you for steam mobile authenticator code if enabled dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -username Your-Steam-LoginName -password Your-Steam-LoginPassword -app 252490 -depot 252495 -manifest 5597306068983386325 -dir C:\PATH\TO\OUTPUT\ All the necessary game files should be downloaded to the directory you chose with the -dir switch. Both parameters provided for server and client will download the last build of Rust Legacy for x64 Windows.
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