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    Welcome to aCw gaming one of the few RustLegacy servers that have been running strong sense 2015 net.connect TeamSpeak List of Server Settings Sleepers: Off Airdrop Min Players: 10 BackPack LockTime: 0 Max Players: 50 Instant Craft: On List of Plugins AirDropInboud-Shows ware the airdrop is falling Custom Loot Tables Death Messages Door Share Friends List Gather Multiplier Show Location Player List Private Message Set Home x3 Share TPR ZoneManager WhoTalks Help i have been banned!! If you have been banned please remain calm and do not get upset with me I am sorry for the inconvenience. If an admin came and spoke to you and asked you to jump or anything please come to TeamSpeak or our website and speak with that admin directly before commenting. I do come and check all the post every few days. If an admin did not come and speak to you and you were banned at random please remain calm we have an anti-hack and sometimes it dose bug and can ban players for various reasons. If this is the case please post here with your in game name, your steamID and the last thing you were doing before you were banned. If you do not fallow this to the letter or if you are rude and are uncivil you will not be replied to and your post may be removed. Kind regards aCw Gaming
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