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    General Info: Server Address: net.connect (or direct ip address net.connect Name: Rustland Host: Germany, Frankfurt Auto-Restart: Every 2 Hours. Rust Legacy Client: Download (if you can't connect try normal Rust Legacy v25 Client) Mod: Oxide 2.0 Last Wipe: 19.09.2020 Next Wipe: 25.09.2020 Auto-Airdrop: Every 30 Minutes. Gather: x4 Loot: Megaloot Sleepers: true InstantCraft: true FallDamage: false Online Banlist: Player Stats: Arena Stats: Discord: Owner/Admin/Mod: phlex [Owner] WatchDogs [Admin] / [Mod] AntiCheat: AdminCompanion (auto-test): AntiGlitch: Auto Kit, Amount: Unlimited Cloth Helmet, Amount: 1 Cloth Vest, Amount: 1 Cloth Pants, Amount: 1 Cloth Boots, Amount: 1 P250, Amount: 1 9MM Ammo, Amount: 50 Pick Axe, Amount: 1 Hatchet, Amount: 1 Anti Radition-Pills, Amount: 15 Large Medkit, Amount: 5 Cooked Chicken Breast, Amount: 15 Home Kit, Amount: 1 Wood Foundation, Amount: 1 Wood Pillar, Amount: 4 Wood Wall, Amount: 3 Wood Doorway, Amount: 1 Wood Ceilling, Amount: 1 Metal Door, Amount: 1 Workbench, Amount: 1 Furnace, Amount: 1 Large Wood Storage, Amount: 1 Camp Fire, Amount: 1 Medkit Kit, Cooldown: 120 Seconds, Amount: Unlimited Large Medkit, Amount: 5 Player Commands: /rules /report (Needed 3 Reports) /tpr "Name" - Send Teleport Request To XXX. /tpa - Accept A Teleport Request. /tpc - Cancel A Teleport Request. /sethome "Name", Amount: 6 - Set A Home. /sethome remove "Name" - For Remove A Home Point. /home "Name" - Teleport Home. /share "Name" - Share With Your Friend Your Doors. /addfriend "Name" - For Deactivate Friendlyfire. /unfriend "Name" - Delete Someone From Your Friendlist. /players /kit /location /pm "Name" "Message" - Private Message /r "Message" - Answer Your Last Private Message. /pmhistory "Page" - History Of Your Private Messages. /pmsearch "Word/Name/Date" - Searching System. /page - Resultat Of Search. /remove - Remove Your Or Shared Structures. /showdamage - Activate/Deactivate Popup Damage Message. /fps - For Get More Fps. /history - Chathistory. /foundations - Check Where You Have Placed Foundations." /infodate "Name" - Last Seen. /chat.on - Chat Activated. / - Chat Deactivated. /ahelp - Commands For Arena. /wholooted - List Of Who Looted Your Box. /autodoor "time" - Change Time Of Autodoor. /challenge "Name" - A 1 On 1 Duel. or /caccept - Accept this Duel. /giveup - Give Up Challenge. /mod - Take Off All Mods Of Weapon. /gpshelp - Commands Of GPS. /clanhelp - Commands Of Clan. Rank Commands: /rank - View Your Rank Stats. /rstats - View Your Stats. /top - View Toplists. /top "pvp" /kitlist - See Kits/Items. /buykit - Buy A Kit. Info Commands: /lastwipe or /nextwipe /hp - Website Of Rustland. /discord - Our Discord Server Treasure Event: /temp - Get Informations (Starts Between 25 And 40 Minutes, Needs 5 Players On Server.) Rank Kit's: "AirdropParty" - Kit, Needed: 30 Point's Supply, Amount: 1 "FullKevlar" - Kit, Needed: 20 Point's Kevlar Helmet, Amount: 1 Kevlar Vest, Amount: 1 Kevlar Pants, Amount: 1 Kevlar Boots, Amount: 1 M4, Amount: 1 Bolt Action Rifle, Amount: 1 Holo sight, Amount: 2 Silencer, Amount: 2 556 Ammo, Amount: 500 Cooked Chicken Breast, Amount: 50 Large Medkit's, Amount: 10 "FullLeather" - Kit, Needed: 10 Point's Leather Helmet, Amount: 1 Leather Vest, Amount: 1 Leather Pants, Amount: 1 Leather Boots, Amount: 1 M4, Amount: 1 Bolt Action Rifle, Amount: 1 Holo sight, Amount: 2 Silencer, Amount: 2 556 Ammo, Amount: 500 Cooked Chicken Breast, Amount: 50 Large Medkit's, Amount: 10 "Materials" - Kit, Needed: 15 Point's Wood Planks, Amount: 250 Low Quality Metal, Amount: 250 "RaidHelp" - Kit, Needed: 25 Point's Explosive Charge, Amount: 2 F1 Grenade, Amount: 15 Rules: Don't Glitch In Objects. (Example: Rock's, Foundation's, Ramp's, Bear's or Furnace's.) Don't Use Superjump Glitches On Objects. (Example: Large Wood Storage, Wood Gateway or Alt+Enter.) Don't Hide Your Loot In Objects. (Example: Foundation's, Ramp's, Pillar's or Rock's.) You Should Respect Admins And Mods. Don't Ask A Admin Or Mod For Items. Don't Do Advert For Another Server. Build Size: 6x6x8. Don't Place Shelter Or Another Objects In Front Of The Door. (Wood Barricades Allowed) Don't Spam Teleport Requests. Racism Or Prejudice Of Any Kind Will Not Be Tolerated. Don't Use Bugs and Hacks. Don't Spam At Chat. Don't stack More Than 2 Ramps. Rock/Unraidable Bases Are Not Allowed. Don't Write In Color. Don't Ask Admins / Mods For Promote. Unbantool's are not allowed. (Instant Ban) Don't Build At Arena. Don't Abuse Our Report System.
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    stop spamming on this sight other wise ill need to mute you from the chat and plus respect the admins he will add your Skype when hes ready
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    OMG tried out this server yesterday and it was a blast. It is crazy how to have the arenas setup. I don't want to imagine the amount of work it took you to build this are an god.
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    Come visit the server you'll call home! To connect to our server, open Connect to Server in the main menu and past the ip:: or Fresh Server 24/7 Join our Discord Server: Join our forum: Now hiring active admins! Active Plugins/Mods: AdvertMessages AntiAds AntiCheat NameManager 7DTD ServerTools (Clan/Home/PM/Ping) Commands List and Mod-Info: Day Night Length - 40 Day Light Length - 18 Player Safe Zone Level - 10 Player Safe Zone Hours - 10 Drop on Death - Toolbelt Only Enemy Sense Memory - 180 Enemy Difficulty - Normal Blood Moon Enemy Count - 8 Block Durability Modifier - 100 Loot Abundance - 100 Loot Respawn (Days) - 7 Air Drop Frequency - 72 Land Claim Size - 100 Land Claim Deadzone - 50 Land Claim Expiry Time - 2 Land Claim Decay Mode - 0 (Linear) Online Claimed Block Durability - 2 Offline Claimed Block Durability - 8 Bedroll Dead Zone Size - 25 Clans: Clan Tag Protection. Only the person that created the clan can delete the clan and promote/demote members to/from officers. Only clan owners and officers can invite and remove members. to make a clan type /clanadd <clanTag> to delete a clan type /clandel to add members type /claninvite <playerName> to remove a member type /clanremove <playerName> to promote a member to officer type /clanpromote <playerName> to demote a member from officer to member type /clandemote <playerName> to accept a clan invite type /clanaccept to decline a clan invite type /clandecline to leave a clan type /clanleave PM: /w <playername> <message> or /pm <playername> <message> Teleportation: /home - to tp to your home /sethome - to set a home /delhome - to delete a home /friend ID - to teleport to a friend /commands - to see all commands And more! You can download the latest client HERE!
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    Come visit the server you'll call home! To connect to our server(only with our client), press F1 to automatically connect F2 for our Modded Server F3 for console and paste to console: client.connect or client.connect Fresh Server 24/7 Join our Discord Server: Join our forum: Now hiring active admins! Play Rust how it's meant to be played ! You can download the latest client HERE!
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    Yes it's safe. Just know what is a ad and what isn't. Knights-Table uses link shorteners like adfly to generate a little bit of a income for work they put into creating the content. Note: Most Ad Sites these days ask for notification permission through your browser I've been told it's required to give it permission so it can verify your not a robot, that permission can also be revoked after you get what you want. The main download is a zip archive labeled accordingly. @MidasTouch Generally names it something like GameName_Version/Update.7z or zip
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    You need to download the F-Shield Client it auto connects you. Link should be either on their website or in the first thread.
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    Hello True the website is foen but you can try to get the discord and there are all latest updates and new also there you can find download to it. I will also suggest to visist quantum youtube and there you can find link
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    Legion Main has wiped! Have a great weekend. Please report any issues on Help Desk / Discord.
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    I have resolved this. server.encryption False False
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    Stop sending your fucking minions saying i script shady. You ruined everything everyone thinks i'm hacking and they keep adding me saying i cheat
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    Hello, Your server was a really good experience, i had a lot of fun with friends while chasing air drops, killing... Getting killed by hackers... Enjoying how they get banned when we report them... Our problem here is 'Wipe' and Lag, we see players And animals teleporting, And i hope you make Wipe Date more Longer Like 2 Weeks so we can have more fun and invite other friends to share with them this Fun server ?.
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    in the hacking check I was banned because I could not press f12, because I have it set to open the menu, because my keyboard is bad, an admin who can help me please.
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    Interested in donating? Click the image above to be taken to our credits shop. From there, you can purchase credits that can be used in-game, like this: /credits buy mvp
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    Screenshots of Kits: Build (one use per wipe): MVP: VIP: Supply Signal (one use per wipe): Starter: Veteran (reward for 150+ hour playtime): Veteran (reward for 1 year since first joined):
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    When is Client Side stuff coming like Zombies? Is it still going to come out? There hasn't been any new posts on the Client Side Modding section on your website for quite awhile.
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    Hey bro, can you unban me? ─░ dont even remember when ─░ joined ur server, maybe I joined 4-5 months ago Or can u say why you banned me? If you want I can show everything what you want...
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    "Welcome to aCw gaming the only RustLegacy server that has been running strong sense 2015" All love
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    yes, we have some countries baned we warned them over and over but most of them would not stop hacking and changing IPs so we baned the whole country.
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    You canΓÇÖt join our servers with a different client. ThatΓÇÖs definitely not how the authentication system works. I never said itΓÇÖs impossible to cheat either. IΓÇÖm super into server side stuff as you can see here - iΓÇÖll know if someone is being naughty. Please donΓÇÖt put my server in a post saying ΓǣLegion is hacked too!Γǥ ThatΓÇÖs completely irrelevant to your post. If you have something to say you pm. IΓÇÖm not against working together either just donΓÇÖt try and put all of us under the bus when in reality weΓÇÖre not having the same issues as you guys.
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    Both of our servers have wiped and updated! This gives us a new map, resets the blueprints & levels, and of course, gives us a Rust update. You'll need to download the latest client to join, and you can find it in our Discord: Next wipe is Thursday, August 16th!
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    he was bugging and anticheat has think you killed him from a big range and has banned you for "overkill" i kicked him for fix and you are unbanned now
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