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  1. First post has all the info you just need to look.
  2. Methods to allow both cracked and legit players is currently private and takes a lot more in-depth knowledge of patching and cracking.
  3. Yes it's safe. Just know what is a ad and what isn't. Knights-Table uses link shorteners like adfly to generate a little bit of a income for work they put into creating the content. Note: Most Ad Sites these days ask for notification permission through your browser I've been told it's required to give it permission so it can verify your not a robot, that permission can also be revoked after you get what you want. The main download is a zip archive labeled accordingly. @MidasTouch Generally names it something like GameName_Version/Update.7z or zip
  4. Tools Required: DotNet Core 2.0 - Runtime DepotDownloader by SteamRE Instructions: Download and install the DotNet Core 2.0 Runtime Download the latest release of DepotDownload and extract it to a folder on your desktop Open up one of the following: Windows: Command Prompt or PowerShell | Linux/Mac: Terminal (Make sure to run as administrator) Next you're gonna want to navigate your terminal to the directory where you extracted the Depot Downloader. cd C:\Path\to\depot_downloader\ You are now ready to download the game files SERVER: dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -app 258550 -depot 258551 -manifest 4262994212477530803 -dir C:\PATH\TO\OUTPUT\ CLIENT: Note: This requires you to own the Rust on steam, also it will prompt you for steam mobile authenticator code if enabled dotnet DepotDownloader.dll -username Your-Steam-LoginName -password Your-Steam-LoginPassword -app 252490 -depot 252495 -manifest 5597306068983386325 -dir C:\PATH\TO\OUTPUT\ All the necessary game files should be downloaded to the directory you chose with the -dir switch. Both parameters provided for server and client will download the last build of Rust Legacy for x64 Windows.
  5. I think a workaround would be creating a dummy application with the steamworks to act as a dummy server for the 480 list. We too also have a custom crack to allow both legit and cracked players join. We also showed on the legit list for a while but facepunch every now and then finds out and they blacklist us. You can keep track of your on the blacklist busing this API:
  6. There is a ban list in place for dirty servers like ours so it doesn't show on the in-game browser because of that. showing on the 480 list you need to change your appid in the assembly
  7. You need to make sure your saving it. And if your installing oxide/uMod you need to modify the Assembly-CSharp provided by them.
  8. You need to download the F-Shield Client it auto connects you. Link should be either on their website or in the first thread.
  9. hi buddy, could you send a invite of the discord channel related to this website?

  10. RSM isn't needed for this tutorial It just makes the server installation easier.
  11. I think it's under Facepunch.Raknet.dll -> Network.Protocol
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