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  1. @DraB Hey Dude ! Iam the owner from NorthernRust. Since there are only a hand full of good servers (Your server is one of these ) i think all owners need to work a bit together. There are a few Hackers that will kill rust legacy if we dont stop those shi..heads. There is a new exploit on RustBuster,C-AntiCheat, UC-AntiCheat and ALL other AntiCheats are crap for now ! They use a modified RustBuster Client to join. I will not tell how ( HERE I WONT TELL) but it is easy as light a cigarette. I only want you to pay attention for it. So if a player from Legion says that there is a hacker, you should keep an eye on this guy. I will write u all needed fixes in pm soon. GreetZ GhosT
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