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  1. Can you say which country you are from because it may be a reason why you are being blocked?
  2. Updated KillDeath Plugin. /toptimeplayed should work much better and work as supposed to now.
  3. Wiped player stats. If there are any issues message me on website support page.
  4. New commands added: /kd nickname to turn see other players stats. /timeplayed to see the top 10 players time on the server. /toppvp to see the top 10 players stats on the server with most kills. /kdhelp to see help menu of all the kd commands.
  5. Server is down at the moment with some major issues. We will let you know when it is back up.
  6. Unbanned everyone for another chance because of major Anti Cheat update. -Major Anti Cheat improvements -Big exploit fixes -Bug fixes A very big thanks to @Phlex and @P0LENT4 Gamers for the help.
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