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  1. Just did an update on the server. -Big update on Anti Cheat -Improved Exploit protection
  2. New Anti Cheat and security measures have been updated on the server. Also a lot of bugs have been fixed. Also we have a website now. Click here to open our website.
  3. Fixed a whole bunch of bugs. Including challenge plugin Also have new PM plugin. Check /help for more info.
  4. Massive update is out - Our IP address to connect is net.connect -Major Anti Cheat improvements -Many other small and big fixes. -Server should have better performance -Other security fixes. Everyone should be unbanned because we have a much better AntiCheat. Everyone is lucky they are getting a second chance. If you get banned from now on you will not get Unban.
  5. Yes, it is up now. We were having some server host issues. We are going to get it sorted though by possibly changing company. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. The server had to do some updates and maintenance. The server is back online now. ✅
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