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  1. It sounds easy, but I do not know how to do it, but I would not be asking
  2. What kind of patch? Can I get that somewhere?
  3. Is there a way that a cracked server can enter both people and the cracked server like the original ones?
  4. Hola, la verdad que busco algún servidor que se pueda hablar español también, además de tener admins activos o con los cual se pueda hablar por algún tipo de lugar, ya que siempre que entro a algún server está infestado de hackers. Gracias! Hello, the truth is that I am looking for a server that can speak Spanish also that we have active administrators with whom you can speak in a kind of place, whenever you enter a server is infested with hackers. Thank you
  5. It seems that in the end my problem was the firewall, I had already allowed everything, but I decided to deactivate it and there it went. Thank you!
  6. I get 192.168.1.XX, this number is the one that I have to use? should I put it on server.ip? sorry for so much question
  7. You mean to specify my private IP? How do I do that?
  8. Hello! I have a problem, I want to create a server to play with friends, I can create it and I can enter it by setting "localhost: 28015", but when I try to connect to my IP, I get a Steam Auth Failed error, then , I do not know if I'm wrong with the ip or I have to configure something else. If I create the server with the ip, it opens and the last one pulls me a message with my ip published in yellow ... but if I create the server with my public ip, I get an error that port 28015 is not can open
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