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  1. RUSTBUSTER server wiped Fresh start from everyone. Change log Minor security adjustments, Glitches Fixed Airdrops are more precise to location Server saves files more often at backend. Fixed false ban glitch reported and tested. Happy Gaming you all !! Next Wipe: 29th May Join our social communities here: Discord (Join and ask for support or report) Teamspeak: Website/Forum (Under maintenance)
  2. I will suggest if this is Rustbuster server, let player and your community specifically know that the Rustbuster client is needed to join the server. If possible provide them link to direct download of the latest client.
  3. The servers are online since 6 years all 24/7 you might have checked while a restart. we have both the server Rustbuster and Oxide aCw Gaming online as always. you can join discord for more info or support here DISCORD
  4. aCw Gaming Rust buster server has been wiped fully fresh start for Everyone SERVER CHANGE LOG Gather rate: Server now have vanilla gather rate as after seeing the wipe cycle that is 2 weeks and players complaining regarding Lag. Build radius: Small rad town Build radius is increased from 200 to 250 radius . this is to decrease the amount of build around hot PVP zone as of for players with low Performance PC it give them lag. Security updates: Few minor changes in AntiVPN and server check for players for Bug and Glitches. MAKE SURE YOU REPORT A PLAYER WHOM YOU SEE BUGGING OR ABUSING A GLITCH .AN ACTION WILL BE TAKEN STRONGLY. ==Overall, we are trying to achieve the real legacy feel back with letting players use everything possible in the game and keep the game as close to real with less modding and trying not to make it experimental. I strongly believe in face punch is doing a great job building experimental Rust and i do not want to do experiments with legacy. == Next Wipe: 3rd April Join our social communities here: Discord Teamspeak: Website/Forum (Under maintenance)
  5. Future plans for aCw Gaming Rustbuster server Hello everyone, thank you for all interest in server and tons of love you Rusties all shown to us and seeing that where Server hitting every day 40+ players i have decided to upgrade the server Slots from 50 Players to 100 players. This will be implemented from next wipe i.e 20th March also the server will be tweaked a bit more on security side. Make sure you join our new Discord it has been revamped and a new look. Next Wipe: 20th March Join our social communities here: Discord Teamspeak: Website/Forum (Under maintenance)
  6. Oxide was supported long time ago by oxide mod which has been also discontinued anx they have changed their name and dropped all support for oxide/legacy rust. Hence it is not available officially online. Still searching a bit on google you might find someone's git or archive with old plugins and can use them but i don't gurentee
  7. Hey yeelement, you are not banned can youjoin discord of serrver and speak to an admin there and they can look into your problem. Join discord here :
  8. You should not judge a server only by seeing that items were given to the player, there might be conditions where a server complies to give stuff to players if required as of multiple reason, maybe player got hacked or killed unfairly or his loot lost bcz of a rollback or server crash.
  9. How it is vanilla, if it is 2x and mods/plugins. Adding a 2x there directly cancel the element of being a server vanilla. You might want to rethink the name and remove that vanilla or 2x either one of them.
  10. Servers are wiping soon this Friday, when once wiped you can play as we also will wipe the ban list.
  11. What are you even talking? you are banned because you failed the test hiddenIP (Timing Jumps 68) Ping<333>
  12. I will suggest to Join LegionRust discord too to get fast support and help from Admins, It must be general restart or server maintenance. Try to join now and if not please join Discord for further support.
  13. The server has been Wiped. Wish everyone good luck for a new fresh start. I will be taking suggestions and recommendations on our Discord or Website for any change or addition to the server. Next Wipe: 7th March Join our social communities here: Discord Website/Forum Happy Gaming
  14. Early Wipe Bois!! Server has been wiped and also the loot table has been buffed a bit , just few bits and Bob here there. Have a wonderful wipe Clan system plugin is re added this wipe Enjoy the fresh wipe Join our social communities here: Discord Website/Forum Or you can simply join us on our Steam Group Happy Gaming
  15. i think the name was the reason surely , and i guess you were on discord too. wait for the wipe we will wipe ban list
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