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  1. there is multiple methods to do that
  2. there is a way to do that with steam files inside server files
  3. i was getting error as well but it actually works with error
  4. did you check your console it might say that config is corrupted, also if u don't have the skin pack skins won't load (older skins will load)
  5. did you try using an ftp software? also im not sure if supports piracy/cracking
  6. did u you include false and +server.encryption 0
  7. 1. Download Steamcmd [Download] 2.Open Steamcmd And Type 3. Installing Oxide 3.1. (Download The Latest Version) 3.2. Extract The Oxide Files Into rustserver/RustDedicated_Data/Managed 4. Cracking Assembly-CSharp.dll 4.1. Download DnSpy [Download] 4.2. Open dnSpy.exe 4.3. Open Assembly-CSharp.dll with dnSpy 4.4. Assembly-CSharp.dll/Rust then click on Defines 4.5. Right click and click on Edit Class (c#) 4.6. Change appID from 252490u to 480u 4.7. Click Compile And Save 5. Making A Start/Batch File Right click/New/Text Document Call it : Start.bat 5.1. Right click on it : Edit 5.2. * required RustDedicated.exe * -batchmode * +server.port 28015 * you can change it +server.level "Procedural Map" you can change it to Procedural Map | Barren | HapisIsland | SavasIsland | SavasIsland_koth +server.maxplayers 5 you can change this false * without this you won't be able to join +server.encryption 0 * without this you won't be able to join +server.worldsize 2500 (2000-6000) +server.seed 3451212 change this to the desired seed or just put random numbers You can find more at After doing that your batch file should look something like this 6. Start the server using start.bat 7. To connect to your server open console (F1/F3) type: connect localhost:<port> ENJOY
  8. simply tell him to try using connect localhost:28015 if hes on the same connection if it doesn't work try using hamatchi
  9. first off all you need to start the server with batch file right click in rust server folder new new text document and just rename it to "start.bat" make sure you add that .bat then right click on it edit and then put this RustDedicated.exe -batchmode +server.port 28015 +server.level "Procedural Map" +server.maxplayers 50 false +server.encryption 0 +server.worldsize <2000-6000> +server.seed <random number or use rustio map creator> that false and +server.encryption 0 is required for you to be able to join with cracked rust client also don't close RustDedicated.exe in task manager
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