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  1. there is multiple methods to do that
  2. there is a way to do that with steam files inside server files
  3. i was getting error as well but it actually works with error
  4. first off all 13% uptime bc i restarted alot. and my server probably restarts at this time
  5. u know that some ppl use vpn bx they dont want go get ddos/doxed and that sh*t
  6. and no u don't ban, your abusing mods do. u just let them ban evade using proxy or some no name vpn
  7. just ignore him and his server. he's doing this for money. he doesn't care about it as long as he gets money.
  8. like you can't delete the line where it says that they spawned an item
  9. also mods aren't supposed to play. instead they are supposed to watch for cheaters,help players not to play/fu*k around and abuse how u know its a lie when u don't even know whats happening at your server
  10. are u blind? 😂 it says gameban i don't want to waste my time to get proof
  11. single diget iq how he can have good kdr when u get gang banged by cheaters and mods with aks when u have a bow
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