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  1. RaidersLand IP: net.connect Anticheat: RustBuster Website: Discord: Click Here The Team Owners: salva/juli & BogdanWDK Admins: BloodprinceB MAKING LEGACY GREAT AGAIN RaidersLand provides to its players an EXCELLENT BUILT and UNIQUE-FEATURED server. Features Starting items Level System (Positioned based on Player's screen aspect and resolution) Farm your way up. Advance through levels and increase your gather rate and get awesome rewards every now and then. New Radtowns Radtown runs are supposed to be fun. Well,not so fun when you have to run the same town over and over again. But hey,we contracted some builders and they hooked us up with some new rad towns. You might like them but they'll definitely get you killed. Helicopter Roaming the map It's all fun and games until you meet this bad boy. He sees you? He's gonna shoot rockets towards you. You're raiding someone? He's coming too. Not to help you but to kill you and everyone that's near you. This bad guy literally hates everyone and will not stop until someone will gear up and bring him down. Somebody told me that he drops nice things when he dies. But that might be just rumours, it's better to see it yourself. New Map aspect and new Item Icons It's time to make it look fancy. Well,not too fancy or we'll turn into Minecraft. Let's see what we've got here. New Armor Icons Kevlar - Leather - Cloth New Item Icons Just a small example of what we've changed. New Map Textures (Lag-Free, or so we've been told by our current players) Looks awesome, makes you feel awesome, AWESOME! Durability and Active-Item on Hotbar Vertical Green line = Durability (Turns to yellow then red based on durability left) Horizontal Red line = Item in Hand LOOOOOT BOXES - Hell Yeah!(or Hell Na!, we'll see) We've added 4 Types of Loot Boxes: Ammo Box, Weapon Box, First Aid Box, and Event Box(Rewarded at events). Starting 15/03/2019 you'll find Ammo/Weapon/First Aid Boxes in Airdrops. One place to manage all the Features - Your Inventory! Your inventory is your power tool. Bring up the map, manage your homes, manage your friends, change your crosshair, keep an eye on your friends through ESPFriends, access the Shop, check your Rank. Everything is here, one click away. Maps,MiniMaps,MegaMaps. Never get lost again!(Hopefully...) We've got you prepared to explore the world. We'll tell you everything: Where the airdrops landed, Last kill location, Helicopter location and Last Raid Location. All you have to do is ENGAGE! Press N or M ingame to bring up the maps. Also in Inventory press MiniMap button to enable the minimap in bottom-left corner. Those are just some key-features that represents RaidersLand. There's plenty more for you to discover. We're waiting for you!
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