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  1. @DozerPlay 1º i dont need prove nothing. 2º Second so many bugs and backdoors? welcome to cracked servers on steam 😃 , but you cant do it on my server haha , try switch you steamID to my ID or other player ID and check what happend.... (ofc now cant do it on my sv because cracked servers are dead and i dont host more cracked servers >.< but anyways u cant do on my server... i have private plugins only to my server to prevent this shit on cracked sv... and other exploits.) 3º ofc maybe you know so many bugs and exploits... rusian trash cant play legit , but i know it and i will do the same , dont try fuck with me or i will rekt all of you. RUSSIANS...... go use hacks and admin abuse on your sv , next time dont go to other servers to talk shit and try steal some players like rat. sry like a russian.
  2. bad server , admin abuse , welcome.
  3. Shit server , admins give items to play. 😭🤮
  4. Server Wipe , map+bp , Now is modded , x2 , tp , home , kits , remove and more. Hi , now is on the last update v2211 , can download the client from the discord:
  5. Server wipe 08/11 v2201
  6. Server wipe 18/10 v2194
  7. Server wipe 04/10 v2194
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