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  1. Come visit the server you'll call home! To connect to our server, press F1 and paste the IP: connect or connect Fresh Server 24/7 Join our Discord Server: Join our forum: Now hiring active admins! Active Plugins: - Custom Death Messages - Private Messaging - Teleportation/Homes Server Rules: Show respect to all players No racist BS in my server. Example, continuously calling someone a fag, dropping the N-bomb. No glitching or exploiting No hacking of any sort(no kanga/quad entering cave base bug)(result in 2 week ban) Disobeying any of these rules can result in a permanent ban! No Adverts! Commands List: Private Message: /pm <name> <message> Send a private message /r Reply to last pm Teleport Plugin: /tpa Accept trade request /tpr <player> Send teleport request /home <home> Teleport to your home /sethome <home> Set your home /removehome <home> Remove your home Use only english in global chat and happy gaming! You can download the latest client HERE!
  2. Make sure you don't change it in smartsteamemu,ini, change it in \7 Days To Die\7DaysToDie_Data\Plugins\SteamConfig.ini .. This is when IGGAMEs still reuploads our client if not then no idea. Just download the client from our website-
  3. Come visit the server you'll call home! To connect to our server(only with our client), press F1 to automatically connect F2 for our Vanilla Server F3 for console and paste to console: client.connect or client.connect Fresh Server 24/7 Join our TeamSpeak Server: Join our Discord Server: Join our forum: Now hiring active admins! Plugins are on, use /help or /info when connected on the server. Active Plugins: AutoDoors HitmarkerGUI AutoPurge Chat Manager HumanNPC QuickSmelt (VIP) InfoPanel QuickSort Coper Tracker ItemSkinRandomizer Player Ranks Clans Kits RemoverTool CorpseDuration LustyMap Rewards CountryBlock MonumentRadiation DeathNotes NoDecay Robbery Events (RunningMan) NoEscape SignArtist (VIP) FancyDrop Notifier SkinChanger (VIP) FriendlyFireFriends NTeleportation StackSizes GatherManager PersonalBeacon WarpSystem GUIShop Ping ZLevelsRemastered HammerTime ZoneDomes HappyHour PrivateMessage Cars and more Commands List and Plugin-Info: AutoDoors Plugin: /ad Disables doors automatically closing for player. /ad # (a number between 5 and 30) Sets automatic door closing delay for player. Clan Plugin: /clan (gives you info about the clan plugin) /c Message (Sends a message to all clan members) /clan create "TAG" "Description" (Creates a new clan and makes you the owner) /clan join "TAG" (Joins a clan that you've been invited to) /clan leave (Leaves the current clan you're in) Clan moderator: /clan invite "Player Name" (Invites the specified player to the clan) /clan kick "Player Name" (Kicks the specified player from the clan) Clan Owner: /clan promote "Name" (Promotes the specifed clan member to moderator) /clan demote "Name" (Demotes a moderator back to a regular member) /clad disband forever (Disbands your current clan, can not be undone) CorpseDuration: A player's corpse remains 15min active in the world. Economics: /balance - check your balance /transfer <name> <money> - transfer [money] to [name] player FriendlyFire: /ff - on/off GatherManager: MiningQuarryResourceTickRate: x2 Kits: /kit - see the full list of available kits for you /kit starter NTeleportation: /tpr "NAME" (allows you to request to teleport to a player) /tpa (accepts teleport request) /sethome "Name" (Sets your home location) (Maximum of 3 homes) /listhomes (Shows you a list of your currently set homes) /removehome "Name" (Removes the specified home location) /home "NAME" (Teleports you to that specified home) (a daily limit of 20) /town (trade area safe zone) PersonalBeacon: /setwp - This will set the location you will want to find later. /wp - This will toggle the display of the beacon. VIP-Commands: /kt - To see your KT-Balance (the money you donated) /packs buy vip - To redeem normal VIP /packs buy vipspecial - To redeem VIP special /car buy - To buy a car /sc or /skin - To change skins PrivateMessaging: /pm <name> <message> /r <message> -- this replies to the last person you got a pm from Copter Tracker: /nextheli - Shows when the next heli spawns /nextch47 - Shows when the next chinook 47 spawns Player Ranks: /pr - Displays GUI for the various stat pages R-Remover: /remove - Activate Remove Tool Rewards: Reward players with money for killing animals, other players, and activity. Robbery: Robbery allows players to steal/mug money from other players by killing them. ZLevels: /stats - displays stats /statinfo [Woodcutting/Crafting/Mining/ Skinning] - Displays information about certain skill Come check out the new changes! You can download the latest client HERE!
  4. Probably cause your windows is 32bit our client is only for 64bit windows versions.
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