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  1. Server wiped 02/07/19 -Map change to procedural -Added oil rig,airdrops and cargo ship events -A new type of anti-vpn protection has been added to the server so that hackers not by pass the ban by changing ip -Skins added! (Only donor, add me Infinity#7597 for more info) Enjoin in the server!
  2. SERVER WIPED 27/06/19 In the server there will be changes: The / remove command will be removed so that the players do not put the wall on the door. The server name will change from RustForAll to SexyIsland (like the old server). The speed of merging resources in the furnace will be reduced from x2 to x1. The kit will be available 3 times a day. Home and TP the waiting time for the next use will be increased. Wipe blocked will be added, has the function of blocking c4, charges, explosive ammunition and others for 1 days so that the houses cannot be raid. The blocked search will be added, all rare weapons or rare items such as c4, ak, rockets and others cannot be searched with the search table.
  3. SERVER MAP UPDATE TO PROCEDURAL MAP TO BARREN So that all players with a poor and good PC can play without lag!
  4. Welcome to SexyIsland [EU](WIPE 02/07)SexyIsland|x2|Scrap+|Loot+|Oil Rig|Kits|TP|Home|Clans|Procedural map update|Original&Cracked Client WIPED SERVER 02.07.2019 (-20 days) Active plugins: PLUGIN ACTIVE: -SORT BOX -SKINS (VIP) -INSTANTCRAFT -ACTIVESORT -BETTERCHAT -CLANS -KITS -REMOVE -INFOPANEL -TP -HOME -PLAYERLIST -TICKET -PLAYER REPORTS -AFK (MAX 20 MIN) -ANTICHEAT -VOTEDAY -AUTODOORS List of IN-GAME commands: HOME: / home add NAME - Save your current position as the location NAME. (alias sethome) / home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. (alias listhomes) / home remove NAME - Removed the location NAME from your saved homes. (alias removehome) / home NAME - Teleports you to the home location. Teleportation: / tpr - Sends a teleport request to the player. / tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request. / tpc - Cancel teleport or request. FRIENDS: / friend <add / remove> <player name or id> - Add or remove a player as a friend list - List all of your current friends PRIVATE MESSAGES: / pm <name> <message> - send a private message to player / r <message> - reply to your most recent private message / pmhistory <name> - show the previous 5 messages of PM with that player Tickets: / ticket create <message> - Create a new ticket / ticket list - List tickets [normal users only see their own] CLAN COMMANDS: CHAT COMMANDS: / c <message> - Send a message to all clan members / a <message> - Send message to all members and allied clans / clanhelp - Displays help / clanhelp member - Displays commands for clan members / clanhelp moderator - Displays commands for clan moderators / clanhelp owner - Displays commands for clan owners Clan Member Commands: / clan create <tag> - Create a new clan / clan join <tag> - Join a clan if you have an invite / clan leave- Leave you current clan Clan Moderator Commands: / clan invite <partialname> - Invite player to join your clan / clan invite cancel <partialname / ID> - Cancel a pending invite / clan kick <partialname / ID> - Kick a player from your clan Commands of the clan owner: / clan promote <partialname / ID> - Promote a clan member to the clan moderator / clan demote <partialname / ID> - Lower the clan moderator to the clan member / clan disband - Disband your clan / clan allly request <tag> - Request a alliance with another clan / allied clan accepts <tag> - Accept an alliance invitation / ally clan decline <tag> - Reject an alliance request / cancel alert clan <tag> - End a clan alliance
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