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  1. Have added skins for everyone to use! I'm in the middle of adding more so more to come! will update this when more have been added. Skin Update Have added all the skins I can to the server. Some items have more than the plugin can show so will be more skins once the plugin developer has finished rewriting the plugin to fit more skin slots. Have Fun and enjoy.
  2. server is updating to 2180 and will be OFFLINE during this time UPDATED TO 2180 AND IS ONLINE
  3. Welcome to the Server! Read The rules of the server in-game and for the chat commands. Wipes Will be every 2 week!!!! To Connect: client.connect Quick Tip: (Add These Keybinds To Make Life Easy) bind b" (this allows you to open your backpack with B) bind f2 "client.connect" (this allows you to connect by pressing F2) Discord: Click Here To Be Invited To Our Discord Check Out The r/crackedrust Subreddit: Click Here For r/CrackedRust Plugins: Gather Manager Skins Quick Smelt Auto Doors Backpacks Betterloot Blueprint Manager Cars Death Notes Dragable Corpses Economics FriendlyFire Shop Hit Icon Instant Craft Kits NTeleportation Friends Skip Night Stack Size Controller Auto Purge ( Inactive users buildings will be wiped after 7 days ) Radiation Manager ( Can go anywhere with a radiation suit ) How To Change An Item Skin:
  4. thanks git it up and running now
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