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  1. Since this is a fresh server, it is very much in the process of development and balancing. Come check it out! I plan to use this thread as the main platform to post any updates along with the discord channel. Everything is still very fresh, so if you have any feedback or ideas to be implemented - let me know! I'm active in this forum, discord as well as in-game. Today brought some changes to the server as well: PlayRust.IO Live Map with Clans support is now online. Wildlife This is a custom plugin I wrote today to replace the zombies on the server. I don't really like the idea of the zombies and the fact that they effectively bring a ton of extra 'chests' into the game. But I do like the fact that they pose a sense of danger when roaming - with or without other players. To fix this a plugin dubbed Wildlife is now active. It increases animals by a large margin. Green areas have much increased population of chicken, stag and boar which give new players great opportunity to gather leather, cloth, animal fat and food. Bears have taken over the cold regions, while wolves roam in the deserts. But perhaps most importantly - bears and wolves also guard all of the most important monuments. Skins Skins are also managed by a custom plugin. There's no VIP or commands needed. Every time you find or craft an item - there is a chance that it will be skinned with one of many skins. ZLevels ZLevels plugin is now set up to reward the grind with increased returns.
  2. EFORT eFort is a cracked Rust server which tries to offer a different type of experience. The goal of this server is to offer a pure gameplay that is more long-term and persistent. IP Discord Feel free to join the discord if you have any issues or ideas. This is a fresh server ready for changes and development. Long-Term/Wipes This might be the biggest difference for some and it certainly gives direction to many other decisions. This server has NO REGULAR WIPES. The idea is to keep the instance of the map running as long as possible. Wiping only when needed for performance reasons, significant game updates or demand from the players. Because of this many choices have to be made to accommodate this. Looting & Gathering ZLevels based resource gathering. Starting from vanilla rates, increased with each level. Convenience Server has convenience functions such as increased stack sizes for the most common items, ability to quickly sort and organize your storage and use furnaces efficiently. These functions are available via the graphical user interface inside the game. AutoDoors will close the doors for you, so you wont forget. You can set it up by typing: /ad [5 to 30 seconds to close] Remove tool can be used to remove constructions and items in your base at a cost. /remove Offline Raiding The server has AntiOfflineRaid active. This means that the damage to the base of offline player or clan is severely reduced. Online damage: 100% 0 - 10min offline damage: 100% 10min - 1h offline damage: 10% 1h - 3h offline damage: 20% 3h - 6h offline damage: 30% 6h - 12h offline damage: 40% 12h - 24h offline damage: 60% 24h - 48h offline damage: 80% Skins Many items have a chance to be found or crafted with a skin applied to them to bring some variety to the game. More wildlife To give the game some PvE aspect when roaming around, there are more wildlife around. Day/Night Duration of night is severely reduced so you don't have to wait around in the dark. Homes/Teleports Players can set homes and teleport to players once every 30 minutes. Type /tphelp in-game for more information. Players cannot teleport when in combat or while in raid. Friends & Clans Type /friend or /clanhelp in-game for more information.
  3. We had fun on your server! 🙂 Didn't experience any hackers or admin-abuse. That being said, reading this topic you should handle taking critique a bit better. Reading posts about people accusing you is bad. But reading your replies to them makes it much worse. The biggest issue with this server I think is the language divide. A lot of the chat is in Spanish - I couldn't understand or interact with most of it. I actually took some time off to use google translate on my second screen to understand what was happening on the server at times when the chat got more active. Surely enough it wasn't the most pleasant conversations - people get salty and accuse and rant - but it's rust. But the same sort of "Fuck you" attitude was also present there by the staff. Not the best way to handle these situations. In the end - this language divide was one of the reasons we felt like looking for another server to play in. Not that it's bad in itself. But it kind of felt like the Spanish speaking staff and the players (vocal majority) were playing their game, and the rest of us kind of just filled in. There was one group that seemed to be active over the days that chatted in English. But I'd say most of the English speaking players were very new to the server or even the game itself. And sure enough, like I said - we did have fun playing in the server, and had some fun encounters. But there was always this sort of feeling of being held under for not speaking or understanding Spanish. And it's not that 'allowing' two languages is a bad thing in any way. I just think it would work out great if there was a bit more balance between the 2 languages. They certainly create a divide - which can be good or bad - and it's inevitable. But especially the fact that most if not all of the staff seem to heavily focus only on Spanish speaking players is kind of off-putting. All that being said - don't take it as an offense or anything. It's a nice server overall I think. Just sharing my personal experience and thoughts as a critique for you to use.
  4. I tried to edit my previous post, but KahunaElGrande here was too fast approving it, and I don't think I can edit it anymore. I wanted to leave a bit of additional feedback: Another little feedback would be to find mature mods. "Being bored" is a really bad reason to go around raiding new players just to take nothing and give all the resources back for them to rebuild the base. It's just ruining the experience and essentially wasting players time - because you're bored? Play the game and be useful when people need mods help. If the server is online - I'd recommend to not spark any conversation as to avoid any such attention. There was also talk in the chat about that same mod using ESP to guide people to loot rooms and finding players to 'interact with' - out of the very same boredom I'd guess. I have no proof and luckily enough I didn't have any such encounter personally, and I won't name any names. But I wouldn't like having these experiences. Just a little bit of feedback from my experience in the server. But again - in general we enjoyed the server 🙂 Try to keep it online, communicate with the players and keep the mods under control.
  5. We liked playing on this server. While we could. Server went offline, and there hasn't been any reply on discord or activity for 2 days now. :(
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