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  1. Hello I see your server is offline please let us know whats happening thanks
  2. hello is server online i cant connect
  3. @Hamoody Ali join rustland's discord page there we will check your ban out link
  4. maybe pm owner of this server then he can help you out
  5. @BobTheBlack if you think you got false ban write it on here phlex will reply back to you soon as he can
  6. Kacper Poblocki you can look and see what was your last SteamID at the time you were banned you can find it at LumaEmu_Steamclient.log
  7. Watchdogs gave steveoskeeter a warning for this post Reason: Abusive Behaviour ┬╖ Points: 2 ┬╖ View Warning Details respect owner and everyone else on the cgs forms
  8. send a message on legion rust help desk and owner help you fix your problem heres the link >>
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