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  1. Maybe you need to open some ports. UDP 28015 and TCP 28016 if i remember correct.
  2. You are absolutly right! Going to take out the vanilla.
  3. Welcome to the Chillside Gaming Community. We provide some gaming servers including Rust, Minecraft, FiveM GTA5 and many more. We wanted to be our server(s) as vanilla as possible with adding a few plugins from what we think is needed in the game. We are active as both players and admins. We are running the servers as a community and friends. Discord: link here | EU | Chillside RUST | x2 |: MAP: Procedural Map Website: (still under construction but online (will support ssl when done)) -- Wiped every 3 weeks. -- Server information: Location: Netherlands Dedicated 4 CPU Cores (rust only) 16GB RAM (rust only) 100GB SSD raid 5 (rust only) 500Mbit up/down Up to 200 players Server Rules: Don't use hacks (Permanent ban) Don't use macros or scripts (Permanent ban) We won't accept rasism on our server (Permanent ban) Don't use toxic language in chat. respect is key! (Chat ban) Don't spam in chat (Chat ban) Do you suspect someone using hacks? Enter discord and ask admin Addons / mods / plugins Adminpanel Deathnotes Gathermanager Infopanel Anti Cheat Anti VPN
  4. server still online and active? i would like to play.
  5. This topic helped me alot. Thanks!
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