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  1. RustyHook #1 RustyHook #1 Modded, x1RPG, Unlimited teams connect Discord Invite (click) Server shop (click) PROMOCODE: hook HOME: /sethome - Saves your current position as the location name. /home list - Shows you a list of all the locations you have saved. /home remove - Removes the location of your saved homes. /home - Teleports you to the home location. TELEPORTATION: /tpr - Sends a teleport request to the player. /tpa - Accepts an incoming teleport request. /tpc - Cancel teleport or request. FRIENDS: New friends plugin work with in-game system teammates (TAB) /ff on - Friendly fire enabled /ff off - Friendly fire disabled PRIVATE MESSAGES: /pm - Sends a private message to the specified player. /r - Replies to the last message received. SKINS: /skin - Change skin for items. Recycler: /rec - Craft recycler. Quarry and Oil Pump: /craft - craft quarry and oil pump . UpGrade: /up - upgrade building. AutoCloserDoor: /ad - auto closer doors . BackPack: /b - "bind b" in console. Private Plugins : -Gold Fish - Random Loots -Magic Tree - Mining a tree, there is a chance to get a magic seed (Random Loot) -Magic Tools - instantly melts the ore
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