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  1. have you turned off eac ?? if you have not when the server is started run command: 0
  2. can you show me a screenshot of your Assembly-CSharp.dll
  3. that is an outdated client. look in the server threads for knightstable and download their client it will be up to date
  4. for you to have gotten a v2057 i havent got a clue what you done i made a clean install and it was v2094
  5. How to crack rust server to allow cracked clients 2018 - Originally by @Tommy ------------------------------------------------------- Step 1: Download rust server files I use rust server manager download link can be found HERE when you have download you will need to extract, double click on RSM.exe and it will load up the application it will look like this. you will need to navigate to server installer. as seen in the image below from there you will need to click Install CMD like so. wait for it to fully download then click install/update server like below (make sure you click on main) when that has downloaded click install oxidemod (opional only download if you want to have oxide mod running for plugins) when that has all downloaded click back on server config fill all the information out then click save config (all the information must relate to your server) now click start server, wait for it to fully load, now close your server. Step 2: Download Dnspy download link can be found HERE extracted all contents of to a folder double click on dnspy.exe to start it Step 3: Cracking Assembly-CSharp.dll to change appid open up dnspy.exe click file at the top, click on open, navigate to the folder where you downloaded the rust files, click on RustDedicated_Data from there click on Managed then click on Assembly-CSharp.dll to open it in dnspy (caps below) When that has opened up you will need to click on assembly-csharp to expand so it will look like this you will then need to click on rust click on defines Right Click to bring up this menu and then click on edit class (c#) it will open a new window like this you will need to change this public static uint appID = 252490u; to public static uint appID = 480u; now click compile it will look like this now click back on file and click save all, ok to the popup. now you should have a cracked rust server --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
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