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  1. Come visit the server you'll call home! To connect to our server, open Connect to Server in the main menu and past the ip:: or Fresh Server 24/7 Join our Discord Server: Join our forum: Now hiring active admins! Active Plugins/Mods: AdvertMessages AntiAds AntiCheat NameManager 7DTD ServerTools (Clan/Home/PM/Ping) Commands List and Mod-Info: Day Night Length - 40 Day Light Length - 18 Player Safe Zone Level - 10 Player Safe Zone Hours - 10 Drop on Death - Toolbelt Only Enemy Sense Memory - 180 Enemy Difficulty - Normal Blood Moon Enemy Count - 8 Block Durability Modifier - 100 Loot Abundance - 100 Loot Respawn (Days) - 7 Air Drop Frequency - 72 Land Claim Size - 100 Land Claim Deadzone - 50 Land Claim Expiry Time - 2 Land Claim Decay Mode - 0 (Linear) Online Claimed Block Durability - 2 Offline Claimed Block Durability - 8 Bedroll Dead Zone Size - 25 Clans: Clan Tag Protection. Only the person that created the clan can delete the clan and promote/demote members to/from officers. Only clan owners and officers can invite and remove members. to make a clan type /clanadd <clanTag> to delete a clan type /clandel to add members type /claninvite <playerName> to remove a member type /clanremove <playerName> to promote a member to officer type /clanpromote <playerName> to demote a member from officer to member type /clandemote <playerName> to accept a clan invite type /clanaccept to decline a clan invite type /clandecline to leave a clan type /clanleave PM: /w <playername> <message> or /pm <playername> <message> Teleportation: /home - to tp to your home /sethome - to set a home /delhome - to delete a home /friend ID - to teleport to a friend /commands - to see all commands And more! You can download the latest client HERE!
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