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♛ Knights Table ♛ #3 [WIP] ➤ v2197 [Halloween 2019 Update] |5x|Loot+|Insta|Kits+|TP|Shop|Remove|Low Upkeep|Spoof Protection|

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Come visit the server you'll call home!









Fresh Server 24/7


Join our Discord Server:

Join our forum:



Now hiring active admins!



Plugins are on, use /help or /info when connected on the server.


Active Plugins:


  • AutoDoors
  • HitmarkerGUI
  • AutoPurge
  • Chat Manager
  • QuickSmelt 
  • InfoPanel
  • Coper Tracker
  • Player Ranks
  • Clans
  • Kits
  • RemoverTool
  • RustTanic
  • Rewards
  • CountryBlock
  • MonumentRadiation
  • DeathNotes
  • NoDecay
  • Robbery
  • NoEscape
  • SignArtist (VIP)
  • FancyDrop
  • Notifier
  • SkinChanger (VIP)
  • FriendlyFireFriends
  • NTeleportation
  • StackSizes
  • GatherManager
  • GUIShop
  • HappyHour
  • PrivateMessage
  • Cars
  • and more



Commands List and Plugin-Info:


AutoDoors Plugin:

  • /ad Disables doors automatically closing for player.
  • /ad # (a number between 5 and 30) Sets automatic door closing delay for player.

Clan Plugin:

  • /clan (gives you info about the clan plugin)
  • /c Message (Sends a message to all clan members)
  • /clan create "TAG" "Description" (Creates a new clan and makes you the owner)
  • /clan join "TAG" (Joins a clan that you've been invited to)
  • /clan leave (Leaves the current clan you're in)
    Clan moderator:
  • /clan invite "Player Name" (Invites the specified player to the clan)
  • /clan kick "Player Name" (Kicks the specified player from the clan)
    Clan Owner:
  • /clan promote "Name" (Promotes the specifed clan member to moderator)
  • /clan demote "Name" (Demotes a moderator back to a regular member)
  • /clad disband forever (Disbands your current clan, can not be undone)


  • /balance - check your balance
  • /transfer <name> <money> - transfer [money] to [name] player


  • /ff - on/off


  • MiningQuarryResourceTickRate: x5


  • /kit - see the full list of available kits for you
  • /kit starter


  • /tpr "NAME" (allows you to request to teleport to a player)
  • /tpa (accepts teleport request)
  • /sethome "Name" (Sets your home location) (Maximum of 3 homes)
  • /listhomes (Shows you a list of your currently set homes)
  • /removehome "Name" (Removes the specified home location)
  • /home "NAME" (Teleports you to that specified home) (a daily limit of 20)
  • /town (trade area safe zone)


  • /pm <name> <message>
  • /r <message> -- this replies to the last person you got a pm from

Copter Tracker:

  • /nextheli - Shows when the next heli spawns
  • /nextch47 - Shows when the next chinook 47 spawns

Player Ranks:

  • /pr - Displays GUI for the various stat pages


  • /remove - Activate Remove Tool


  • Reward players with money for killing animals, other players, and activity.




Come check out the new changes!




animated-arrow-image-0310.gifYou can download the latest client HERE!animated-arrow-image-0309.gif

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