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Come visit the server you'll call home!


To connect to our server, press F1 and paste the IP:








Fresh Server 24/7


Join our Discord Server:

Join our forum:



Now hiring active admins!




Active Plugins:

- Custom Death Messages

- Private Messaging

- Teleportation/Homes


Server Rules: 

  • Show respect to all players
  • No racist BS in my server. Example, continuously calling someone a fag, dropping the N-bomb.
  • No glitching or exploiting
  • No hacking of any sort(no kanga/quad entering cave base bug)(result in 2 week ban)
  • Disobeying any of these rules can result in a permanent ban!
  • No Adverts!


Commands List:

Private Message:

  • /pm <name> <message> Send a private message
  • /r Reply to last pm

Teleport Plugin:

  • /tpa Accept trade request
  • /tpr <player> Send teleport request
  • /home <home> Teleport to your home
  • /sethome <home> Set your home
  • /removehome <home> Remove your home

Use only english in global chat and happy gaming!


animated-arrow-image-0310.gifYou can download the latest client HERE!animated-arrow-image-0309.gif

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On 8/3/2019 at 6:10 PM, MidasTouch said:

Update to v.8.2.0!

I updated the assembly to the on, check it out 😉

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