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OpsyHurt is a Hurtworld server running nullius default map !

To connect to the server is quite simple...

  1. Download the game from the discord server (link below)
  2. Open the game (with steam started) and press "F1"
  3. Type in the console "connect"
  4. Press enter and you'll join the server !

Active Plugins:


  • OpsyHurt - Core (Playerlist|Home|TP)
  • OpsyHurt - Arena


Commands List:

Private Message:

  • /tell <player> <message> Send a private message
  • /r Reply to last private message

Teleport Plugin:

  • /tpa <player> Send teleport request to teleport yourself to the player
  • /tpahere <player> Send teleport request to teleport the player to yourself
  • /tpyes Accept teleport request
  • /tpno Refuse teleport request
  • /home <home> Teleport to your home
  • /sethome <home> Set your home
  • /delhome <home> Remove your home

Arena Plugin:

  • /arena list List all the available arenas
  • /arena join <arena> Join an arena
  • /arena leave Leave an arena
  • /arena help Show all the available arena commands

Server Rules: 

  • Show respect to all players
  • No glitching or exploiting
  • No insults to other players
  • No hacking of any sort(no kanga/quad entering cave base bug)(result in 2 week ban)
  • Disobeying any of these rules can result in a permanent ban
  • No Adverts

Join our Discord Server:

Use only english in global chat and happy gaming!

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