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♛ Knights Table ♛ ➤ v0.3.8.9 |x2/x4 Day/NightRates|Meteors|RaidBlock|Clans|Safetrade|Home|TP|Kits|Vip

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Come visit the server you'll call home!


To connect to our server, press F1 and paste the IP:








Fresh Server 24/7


Join our TeamSpeak Server:

Join our Discord Server:

Join our forum:



Now hiring active admins!



Plugins are on, use /help or /info when connected on the server.




Active Plugins:


- Custom Death Messages


- Private Messaging


- Vehicle Manager


- Meteors


- Arena


- Reserved Slots


- No Raid Zones


- Remove Claim


- Teleportation/Warp/Homes


- Better Chat


- Light Switch


- LoginAuth


- Safe Trade


- Clans


- Kits


- KillCounter


Commands List:




  • /help Displays a list of help commands
  • /players To see all players
  • /loc To get your XYZ coordinates
  • /time Prints the current game time in the chat
  • /rules Displays list of rules
  • /ping Displays your current ping
  • /getreward Get your unclaimed reward (Automatically given when connected)
  • /rewards View all rewards

Private Message:


  • /pm <name> <message> Send a private message
  • /r Reply to last pm


Teleport Plugin:


  • /tpa Accept trade request
  • /tpr <player> Send teleport request
  • /home <home> Teleport to your home
  • /sethome <home> Set your home
  • /removehome <home> Remove your home
  • /warps Displays list of available warps
  • /warp <warp> Teleport to selected warp


Clan Plugin:


  • /Clan help Display all clans commands available
  • /Clan create <tag> Creates a new clan
  • /Clan join <tag> Joins a clan you have been invited to.
  • /clan leave Leaves your current clan
  • /c <message> Sends a message to all online clan members
  • /tc Toggles global/clan chat.



Clan Moderator Commands:


  • /clan invite <player> Invites a player to your clan
  • /clan kick <kick> Kicks a member from your clan



Clan Owner Commands:


  • /clan promote <player> Promotes a member to moderator
  • /clan demote <player> Demotes a moderator to member
  • /clan disband Disbands your clan




  • /car Shows distance between player and claimed vehicle.
  • /car help Displays all clan commands available.
  • /car install <1-8> Install new attachment from quick slot 1-8.
  • /car install <1-8> <L|R> Install panel on [L]eft or [R]ight side.
  • /car remove <attach> Remove bumper|front|left|right|roof|rear.
  • /car remove <attach> Remove gearbox|gear|engine|tire|wheel
  • /removeclaim Remove the claim from the vehicle you're driving.


Trade Plugin:


  • /trr <player> Request trade with player
  • /tra Accept a trade request
  • /tradd Add all items in hotbar to trade
  • /tri Displays items in current trade offer
  • /trc Cancel and trade actions
  • /tr Mark yourself ready for trade



  • /meteor shows when there will be an meteor, or shows where and for how long there is a meteor already in the ground.



  • /kc shows all commands




Use only english in global chat and happy gaming!


animated-arrow-image-0310.gifYou can download the latest client HERE!animated-arrow-image-0309.gif




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Guest NewD GaminG

Hello !

I played with my Friend on your server ( hurtworld 3.8.6 Server 1 ) , but The server lag and It's Impossible to play !

Please Repair your HurtWorld server !

( I'm French, sorry for my English because I can't speak English very well.... )

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